Tax increases not the answer - Marco Rubio

Shortly after President Obama finished his post-election speech promising to raise taxes for the wealthy, Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla. issued a statement that directly contradicted the president.

“I fundamentally reject the idea that the only way to avoid the fiscal cliff is to raise taxes and jeopardize job creation,” he said calling for widespread spending reform. Rubio also called for policies promoting economic growth, adding that “tax increases are not going to grow an economy and encourage businesses to create jobs.”


  1. I believe the only way a Republican can be elected is by telling the vast number of people on government assistance is by promising them more assistance, higher food stamps, higher unemployment wages and more. Seniors on social security will receive a higher COLA. Then after election, do what's best for America. When Mitt Romney said he would find jobs for the 47% on government assistance, I told my wife He just lost the election. God bless America and God bless Marco Rubio...Sal

  2. Right on. I post my "MarcoRubio 2016" bumper sticker in my car's back window for better visability. Speak up loudly and clearly; keep smiling, and keep up our hopes for a better America in the next decade.