Latest Polls are All Good for Marco

There's a lot of distaste to go around in the 2016 field. But according to a new survey, Marco Rubio is in a better spot than most.
In a Washington Post/ABC News poll out Tuesday, respondents are evenly split between American adults with favorable and unfavorable views of the Florida senator and presidential contender: 31 percent each.
Those numbers show him doing much better than fellow Floridian Jeb Bush, who has a nearly identical favorability rating—32 percent—but an unfavorability rating 20 points higher than Rubio, at 51 percent. Those high unfavorability numbers may stem in part from voters' views that he's running a dynastic (albeit unannounced) campaign: 4-in-10 respondents think Bush would follow the same policies of his father and brother, and a majority think that's a bad thing.
Hillary Clinton, Republicans' likely opponent in the general election, isn't as haunted by her predecessors. Just 24 percent said they thought she'd generally follow the same policies as her husband, Bill, and 34 percent said she'd continue President Obama's agenda.
Though a majority of voters may view Clinton as her own person, another poll out Tuesday suggests they don't care for what they see. According to the CNN/ORC poll, the Democratic front-runner earned her highest favorability rating in 14 years, at 50 percent.


  1. Too bad he's not a natural born Citizen.

  2. He was born in Florida. His parents were from Cuba and became US citizens. .

  3. I think Marco Rubio has a very good chance to capture the nomination and the presidency. He is being overshadowed by Trump at present. He has training and experience especially in the senate where he can have great influence and support. He is Hispanic and speaks the language and should take advantage of the Hispanic community who voted almost 75% democratic last time. His conservative credentials give us hope for a better America. He will make a great president, I believe. As a conservative he has sufficiently separated himself from the establishment Republican party to be credible, yet he remains sufficiently connected as not to distract from his candidacy. Roosevelt was 42, and Kennedy 43. So at 45 he is certainly in the running. Confidence, competency and conviction are his credentials. He is certainly more than electable.

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